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I’ve begun transitioning The Box and the Pond to it’s new permanent home, the fanfic database AO3 (archiveofourown).  

Right now only the first chapter is up, but to avoid spamming AO3 i’ll be posting a chapter a day until It’s all there.

Since I changed the email account this blog is on, I will not be deleting it permanently. But everything will be deleted except for a link to the fic on AO3.

Once again, thank you all for reading! Keep up with the transition on AO3, there may be a surprise at the end!

Well, It’s Been A While, Hasn’t It?

*clears off cobwebs from this blog*

Hello all 481 of you that are somehow still following me!

Holy shit, it’s literally been over a year since I’ve been on this blog, and I am SO SO sorry about that.  I still adore John Hutcherson, of course (who could ever get sick of that face). I’ve just gotten busy with life and gotten sucked into other ventures.  I started working at that camp, as many of you may be able to remember, and then school happened, and then I got sucked into the Sherlock fandom, and now I run a Sherlock blog which you can check out here.

But yeah, I doubt The Box And The Pond is ever going to get finished. Maybe one day I’ll go back and write an ending, but as of right now, it isn’t looking like it. 

So within the next few weeks, I’m going to be deleting this blog. I’ll put the fic of AO3 or first so that anyone who wants to still read it can find it. I’ll post a link either today or tomorrow to the fic page.

I cannot thank all of you who stuck around for this story, as well as all who thought it was good enough to even read. I am humbled by you all, and I’m sorry I let so many of you down. 

One again, I run this blog now, so if any of you are interested in, or enjoy the BBC TV show Sherlock, or just want to see what I’ve been up to, check it out!



Dear lovely UK followers

I am looking into to study abroad programs, and I was wondering if anyone knew what the whole art scene is like in the UK?  I visited york and oxford and some other places when I was 12, and I really REALLY want to go back!

I’m an art major with an emphasis in graphic design.

aaah dam your submit isnt open I would shamelessly show off my pics of him to you :P

*frantically opens submissions*

The World Hobbit Premier :D I live in NZ so I went and wait for 9 hours to see him, he seemed like he wanted to talk with fans and take photos but his people were rushing him so all he could do was sign autographs, so i just told him to smile for me

Ah, how I envy you.
He is SO freaking adorable.
I can’t even handle it. 

tillsummercomes-around replied to your post: Well, the good news is, I’ve started writing again!

speaking of sherlock, I just casually met martin freeman on wednesday, told him to smile for me ;)

Oh my gaaaaaaaaad.
I am so fucking jealous of you right now.

Where did you meet him?! What did he say?! What did he do?!?!
I need details! And I also need to move to the UK. 

Just wanted to take a moment to flood your dash with my new mild obsession

Yes, Ladies.

Benedict Mother-Fucking Cumberbatch (and Sherlock, of course).  I swear, those cheekbones were carved from the gods themselves.

Now, I shall proceed to upload the sexiest cumbergifs at my disposal.

I’ll put them under the cut to cut down on scrolling.

But you’ll want to see the last one, definitely.

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Reasons why this kid was one of my favorite campers this summer:

1. He knew everything about everything.
2. His favorite thing to do in his down time was to solve and to have us solve various riddles 
3. He was a no-nonsense, just plain interesting kid.

and finally, 

4.  It just now hit me that he is actually the 11-year-old version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock.


Okay, I’m done blowing up your dash for now.

I’m just going to clear my inbox.

So, if you had a question/comment that didn’t get answered and you really, REALLY wanted it to, resend it and I shall answer it ASAP.  I read all of the messages, and I really appreciate the words of encouragement.

I love you all,

and because I adore this gif,

slowly dying for chapter 14... randomly found your page and so happy i did! hurryyy <3

Hey girl! What kinda rum do you like? :) brand? and dark or clear?

Read all your fan fictions all day everyday. It totes keeps me from my homework but... IDC. OMG!!!! Could you promo me please?????????

But of course!

A belated promo for the lady..

Check her out!

Love the theme.

hello! my name is jane!:) i just posted my first chapter of my fanfic! i was wonderding if you could tell your followers about me? i wanna be a writer when i get out of college and i wanna know if im any good. if you could help me out i would appreciate it!:) thank you!<3:)

Well, if you still need a promo (for all I know, you may be tumblr famous by now), here you are.

Check it, my loves!

are you ever going to update again?

(I can’t help myself, really.)

If you’re wondering why I’m blowing up your dash…

I’m trying to relieve some of the bloating that my inbox has been suffering whilst I’ve been away…

Don’t be upset if you sent me a message a while ago and I end up not answering it/ give it a short answer/ answer it with a silly gif…

There are quite a few.